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A Helping hand towards optimal health Shatayu physiotherapy clinic and Neuro rehabilitation centre is the foremost Neuro physiotherapy clinic for Peadiatric and adults in Khed, Rajgurunagar Pune.
We strive to deliver best services for our patients. We abide by core principles of health care services while ensuring well being of patients by customised treatment.

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Our specialities

Orthopedic care

Physiotherapy for Elderly aims to maintain functional independence & overall well being.

Post Operative Physiotherapy

The goal of Peadiatric rehabilitation is to limit the physiological and psychological effects of childhood disorders like CP

Neuro Physiotherapy rehabilitation

In neurological conditions, we focus on regaining strength, re- establishing the movement and maintain

Peadiatric Physiotherapy

In some cases , pre operative physiotherapy may be as important as post operative

Physiotherapy for Elderly

Physiotherapy for Elderly aims to maintain functional independence & overall well being.

Release The Pain , Be More Alive

Relent-less work giving you restless pain? Now gain your mobility back with our trusted and specialized physiotherapy services !!

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    We understand every aspect of your care.

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    We understand every aspect of your care.


How We Can Help


We have well equipped electrotherapy Unit with modern updated modalities. We have following modalities

Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy is a means of accelerating the patients recovery from injuries and disease

Dry Needling

In Dry Needling filiform needles are tapped through skin to target tissue to bring about therapeutic effect.


Kinesiotaping is a technique designed to work with the body’s natural healing process while providing rehabilitative support


Pilates is a system of exercises using special apparatus designed to improve physical strength

Neurological Rehabilitation

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Dr.Neha Raut

Master’s in Neuroscience

Dr.Neha Raut

Dr. Neha Raut has completed her master’s in Neuroscience from Chaitanya Medical Foundation, college of Physiotherapy and holds bachelor degree from MAEER’s (MIT)College of Physiotherapy Talegaon Dabhad, Pune.

She has worked with various hospitals in PCMC as consultant physiotherapist. Being Master’s in Neurophysiotherapy, she not only has expertise in treating adult neuro patient, but also skilled in treating Peadiatrics.

She has worked with eminent orthopedic and joint replacement surgeon in PCMC and also Neuropediatrician & Neuroconsultant.

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"Shatayu physiotherapy clinic in Khed is best clinic for physiotherapy. I was taking treatment in this clinic for my wrist drop. The clinic is very clean and well equipped for advance physiotherapy treatment. Dr.Neha is very good at her work. I pray God for clinic progress and salute to work of madam.


Ajay Labade

Nov 21, 2023