Physiotherapy for Elderly

Physiotherapy for Elderly

Physiotherapy for Elderly aims to maintain functional independence & overall well being.

Aging or getting old makes our body go through many physical changes. These changes usually cause decrease in muscle strength, body coordination,vmskes joint stiffer, which sometimes leads to falls and fractures.

Though physiotherapy cannot stop process of aging but it can help to reduce the impact that it has on our bodies.

Benefits of physiotherapy in older adults

➢Improving & managing range of motions of various joints
➢ Maintaining the strength & endurance of the muscles
➢ Performing day to day activities without the need of Helping hand
➢ Building strength & stability required for independent living
➢ Reduce risk of fall and injury
➢ Regular exercise results in improving balance, coordination, posture, flexibility & cognitive function

Conditions we treat



Rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery and trauma.

Birth disorders:

cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus and brachial plexus injury

Chromosomal disorders

Spinal disorders

spinal muscle atrophy, DMD, scoliosis, postural kyphosis

Gait abnormalities

toe walking& other abnormal gait patterns.