Post Operative Physiotherapy

Who can join Pre Operative Physiotherapy?

In some cases , pre operative physiotherapy may be as important as post operative physiotherapy to make your surgery grand success. It is essential to train muscles before hand and very specific strengthening is needed to achieve full recovery after surgery.

Who can join for Post Operative program?

Common surgeries requiring post operative physiotherapy care are:

Joint replacement

knee replacement surgery, PKR, hip replacement surgery.

Wrist and hand

carpal tunnel release, tendon repair and fracture

Shoulder surgery

shoulder reconstruction, shoulder stabilization, rotator cuff repair, acromioplasty, capsulotomy, fracture.

Knee Rehan

ACL, PCL and other ligament reconstruction, meniscal repair, chondroplasty, patellar tendon repair, lateral release and fracture.

Spine surgery ( neck & back)

dissectomy, laminectomy, spinal stabilization/ spinal fusion.


Achilles tendon repair and fasciotomy.

Elbow pain

tennis elbow release, golfers elbow release, fracture plate.

Ankle and foot

ankle reconstruction, tendon repair, spur removal and fracture.